Heart of gold
Heart of gold
Events with a purpose

We are experiential producers designing events with a purpose.


Who we are

We are creatives in the experiential marketing field. We have thrown mass-scale events for well-known brands internationally. Through our years of work, we noticed a need for events with a purpose; events that are accessible, affordable, and create a CALL TO ACTION. Heart of Gold was built so that we could design these events, while simultaneously building a community of like-minded people around them; people who want to make an impact. Heart of Gold is our passion project - where all of our greatest experiential ideas get thrown into one brand, via monthly experiences, and exclusive to our beloved H.O.G. community.

What to expect

Members of the H.O.G. community will receive monthly invitations to our exclusive events. All members of H.O.G. have access to our private Instagram account, which will also share event information. Each experience is curated to reflect a goal or a purpose, and leave you with another tool in your belt. H.O.G. is currently in Los Angeles and New York - other cities stay posted for events near to you.


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